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Top 1 Media - About us

Who are we?

Top 1 Media started life in 1998 by designing and deveoping bespoke database solutionsfor companies of all sizes. Over the many years we have designed databases for Schools, Government, Estate agents, Travel agents, Churches, Accountancy, Retail and much much more. With the big boom of the internet in 2002 we started to venture into the world of online solutions offering our customers creative online solutions to streamline there business and generate more customer leads. We quickly moved into the website development scene where we have become one of the most reliable providers in the UK.

What do we do?

We provide you with everything your business requires to tackle and succeed in the online world of today and tomorrow. We will provide you with the online presence required to help you and our business to develop in an ever growing technical world. Whether you need a website, hosting, emails, seo or a database solution we have the skills and knowledge needed to deliver tme after time.

Meet the management team

William Rosmund

Position: Director/Owner
Joined: 1998
Skills: SQL, C#, ASP, PHP

Email: william@top1media.co.uk

Simon Spring

Position: Technical Manager
Joined: 2001
Skills: Phython, HTML, CSS, ASP, PHP, MySQL
Email: simon@top1media.co.uk

Nadine Williams

Position: Finance Director
Joined: 2005
Skills: AAT, CIMA

Email: nadine@top1media.co.uk

Susan Clarke

Position: SEO Manager
Joined: 2011
Skills: PPC, SEO, Google Adwords Certified
Email: susan@top1media.co.uk

Dan Miller

Position: Programming Manager
Joined: 2007
Skills: HTML, ASP, PHP, CSS, SQL, Access
Email: dan@top1media.co.uk

Greg Malvoik

Position: Sales Director
Joined: 2006
Skills: Business Management Degree

Email: greg@top1media.co.uk

Monica Douglas

Position: Office Manager
Joined: 2014
Skills: Business Administration

Email: monica@top1media.co.uk

Khalim Khan

Position: Senior Programmer
Joined: 2004
Skills: PHP, ASP, Java, C#, C++, SQL, CSS
Email: khalim@top1media.co.uk