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Welcome to Top 1 Media

Online content that works for you!

We approach website development differently as we target your potential customers with a view to providing the best click through rates. A website can look fancy but without customers what is the point? We design user friendly websites which promote your business and generate more customer leads. All of our websites come with our standard SEO package to help customers find your business online. If you want a website to do more for your business then read on...(Click to view)

We specialise in all aspects of e-commerce shopping websites. With over 300 shopping portals designed and built we have the know how to make your shopping site work for you and your customers. No matter what your selling or how big or small your company we have solutions to meet everybody's requirements

Database development is where we first started by creating bespoke solutions for governing bodies, colleges, schools and now for online applications. We can design and build any type of database to meet our clients requirements from Hotel, Shopping sites, Horticulture plant growers and much more.

With over 12 years experience as a company we have what it takes to provide our customer a service second to none. We offer design, development, maintenance and optimisation of every kind of website. Our focus is you and delivering a service which works for you and your customers.

Personalized support, faster servers, and better service is just the beginning. Every day we look for ways to stay ahead of the competition by offering better options and new solutions with unbeatable ease of use and simplicity. State of the art servers to keep you online with 99.9% uptime.

Promised 1st page of google! only to find a month later your website dissapears into the shadows of the overwhelming internet. Well here's the big secret no-one can guarantee you 1st page, well of course you can get there by paying for the privilidge and this is fine if you have the budget to do so.

We help our customers to get near the top of google using good website coding practices, organic ranking, keyword association and a wealth of SEO knowledge ensuring you stay there.

7 out of 10 internet surfers avoid paid for google ranked websites as organic sites prove a websites worth which cannot be bought.

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