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Top 1 Media - Hosting

Why choose Top 1 Media's Award Winning Hosting?

High Availability Fail over Hosting

Top 1 Media's Fail over Clusters allow Servers to automatically fail over to Passive Cluster Nodes (redundant servers) in the event of hardware failure, maintenance or upgrades. Servers can be Live Migrated between Clustered Nodes if they require extra resources without any downtime to services.

Ultra Fast Network

Our ultra fast core Cisco Gigabyte Networks designed by our engineers to meet the demands of Internet web hosting ensure fast transfer speeds within our server clusters and an excellent web experience. Two Tier 2 Multi homed BGP Internet Connections to our network providing High Availability, low latency, redundancy and fastest route for your traffic.

Powerful Eco-Friendly Servers

All our servers are fully owned, built and managed by ourselves and are housed in our Secure Data Centre Facilities here in Nottingham. Rather than buy 'off the shelf' general purposes servers each server is built in house for the job at hand, choosing low voltage components to give the same or better performance while utilising at least 70% less power.

World Land Trust Carbon Balanced

We Are Green! We aim to reduce our carbon emissions through our Power Usage and Efficiency Program by using energy efficient hardware and recycling at least 70% of our office waste. For those carbon emissions that can not be eliminated Top 1 Media partnered with The World Land Trust through their Carbon Balanced Program to offset all our Data Centre, office and transport carbon emissions.

Developer Friendly Web site Hosting

From developing our own in house web applications we understand the requirements that web developers require, like the latest versions of, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, SQL Server and mySQL. We also use Isolated Application Pools so that your web sites run in their own isolated processes giving better security, performance and stability.

Secure Environment

We aim to keep your data secure and your web site safe from hackers by utilising hardened corporate hardware firewall's and ensuring that our servers are well maintained, locked down, and protected from security threats with the latest software and security patches.

Ensuring Our Services Are Online 24/7

To ensure your web site remains online 24/7 we make sure we have contingency plans and equipment in place, including; 24/7 engineers, highly available servers, fail over clusters, full nightly backups, high availability multiple Internet Connections, hardware firewall's with fail over, backup mail servers, external monitoring stations, Tier 2 Data Centre built to N+1 redundancy, backup generators, redundant equipment and spare parts for every conceivable situation that could arise.

We're Affordable

Every solution is priced to provide both a reasonable amount of resources but will let your site grow without having to migrate from provider to provider. As your site gets bigger your package can be upgraded to fit additional requirements without any downtime or complicated migration procedures.

We Do Things Differently

Personalized support, faster servers, and better service is just the beginning. Every day we look for ways to stay ahead of the competition by offering better options and new solutions with unbeatable ease of use and simplicity.

So how much does it cost?